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Vehicle & Goods Shipping Service

Planning a big move? Want to bring your vehicle and personal or business possessions with you? We have the affordable solution and offer a streamlined service that will simplify and make your big move worry - free.

Our international service offers overseas export from the UK to destinations worldwide.  From car shipping, personal effects shipping, to commercial export, we offer an array of services designed to fit every budget and every requirement, with our main options being:

Roll On Roll Off Services (RO/RO)

roro car shippingRORO method is when your car is shipped without a container, whereby the car is driven into the ship and parked securely.

With RORO shipping we offer inexpensive rates for: Cars, Trucks, Boats, Buses and Vans.

Overseas shipping on RORO is offered via the following ports in the UK: Sheerness Port, Tilbury, Southampton, Immingham and Hull ports.

20ft and 40ft Container Services

container ship When shipping your car, if security is your concern we recommend using a private container. This method may cost a bit more but for the extra safety it is well worth it.

Also when using a container you are able to ship other personal goods and business effects inside the container thereby reducing the overall cost.

When shipping Commercial & Personal Effects, you can select from a shared container or a private container. The container is then delivered to your home or office, where you will load it and then it is transported to the port and shipped.

When you choose to export your car in our container, you will be required to deliver your car to one of our loading depots in Southampton, Felixstowe, Tilbury or Liverpool. Our trained staff will then safely load your vehicle into the container and secure it for safe transportation.

Collection Service within UK

For your convenience we offer a pick - up service, where as we will transport cars from your home, office or any dealership to one of our UK shipping ports. We currently offer collection from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Doncaster, North East, East Midland, Central England, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Bristol, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northampton, Nottingham, Guilford, Leicester, Slough, Oxford, Plymouth, Preston, Reading,  and many more.

We also offer Classic car transport & covered car transport.

It is important to insure your vehicle and possessions when shipping overseas. We therefore work with all major UK insurance companies in order to provide you with inexpensive Marine or Shipper Insurance for your car and possessions during transit. Please contact us for complete details and pricing.SHIPPING CARS WORLDWIDE

We Are Here to Help
Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us, we’ll be happy to help in any manner we can.

Contact us for the above services or for similar services if considering shipping a car, Personal effects or, Commercial Goods.








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